Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rescue Beauty Scrangie & Models Own Ibiza Mix

Well holo there! I'm baaaaack!

Hi there my very very patient friends! I'm so very sorry I've been absent for the last few weeks. Bad bad Emily! We've been super-de-duper busy at work, and I've been too drained by the time I get home to play :( But I've missed you!! wanna talk nailz and schtuff?? kk?? Me toooooo!!

So a few weeks back when Rescue Beauty Lounge put the remaining stock of the Fan Collection up for public sale, some friends and I decided it was time to cave and make our first RBL purchases. We decided to do it as a group buy, as purchases over $100.00 get free shipping...wahoo! Surprise, surprise, we ALL ordered Scrangie. This polish has been a MAJOR lemming of mine for quite some time. First off, the polish is amazing...I adore purples to begin with, but the green shimmer in this one is just gorgeous! And second, who can resist a polish created by the blogging "living legend" Scrangie herself! Seriously, she could sell me bottled poop, sour milk, rotten name it, if I've seen it on her blog, I probably think to myself "wow, she really pulls that off". But whoa is me, never looks as good on me, as it does on her lol, go figure!

So here she is, the lady, the legend, the polish...SCRANGIE!
(dressed up with a little MO Ibiza Mix for fun on the ring finger)

Check out that beautiful shimmer! Sooo hard to capture!

Hed Kandi-Ibiza Mix aka-Jewels in a Bottle :)


Little blurred to show the shimmer

There ya have it folks! Not a new polish to most, but certainly one worth looking at over and over! The shimmer is definitely camera shy, but oh so gorgeous. And one small editors note, puh-lease excuse my sad red cuticles, they've been ignored recently just like my blog :(

Where to buy these beauties you ask? RBL polishes are available exclusively from their website and retail for $20.00. Scrangie was a limited edition polish from Fall 2009, which was brought back by popular demand. Once an RBL polish sells out there is no guarantee it will EVER come back, so if you really want this one, I don't suggest waiting! Model's Own Ibiza Mix is part of the Limited Edition Hed Kandi collection and can be purchased directly through Model's Own for 5gbp plus international shipping or from their lovely North American stockist Harlow & Co for $10, plus all orders over $50 ship for free!!!

Till next time,
<3 Em


  1. Gorgeous! I think Scrangie is a stunning polish :)

  2. welcome back!! I agree with the Scrangie love--I've bought polishes based solely on her awesome swatches...

  3. Great polish! I love Scrangie - she's my go-to swatch site :)