Sunday, May 20, 2012


I'm gettin' rid of some stuff! (so I can buy more stuff hehe)

Went through my stash a bit, and am cleaning out a few...
Most are BN, Swatch 1x, or one Mani, each item is marked.

Small print...

*Open to US buyers only this time around
*Payment is to be made via Paypal gift option
*Payment is due within 24 hours, when I receive your email of intent to buy, I will mark PEND, If payment is not made within 24 hours I will relist the items.
*If interested, send an email to with the subject BLOG SALE. 
*I am not responsible for lost or damaged items, each item will be individually bubble wrapped, and sent in a bubble mailer/priority box.
*No returns, all sales final.
*Once an item has been SOLD, a line will appear through the name.

Shipping costs:
$2.50 for the first item, and .50 each additional item.
Priority Mail Flat Rate BOX (appx 8 polishes): $5.50
**I WILL include Delivery Confirmation on ALL packages at MY expense**

Warpaint Beauty Black Light Polishes from Hot Topic swatched 1x $2.00 each
Orange, Yellow, Fuschia

Pretty and Polished Angel Kisses Swatched 1x $8.00
KB Shimmer Summer Sea Swatched 1x 7.00
Paris Sparkles Copper Sunset Swatched 1x $5.00

Nicole by OPI Follow Me on Glitter BN $4.00
Nicole by OPI Me + Blue Swatched x 1 $3.00

Julep Molly Swatched 1x $4.00
Julep Alyson BN $5.00

OPI Shatters Pink and Red 1 Mani Each $1.00

OPI Cozu-melted In The Sun, Meet Me On The Star Ferry
and My Private Jet (current version)
Swatched 1x $4.00 each
OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes,
Conga-Line Coral
and Vampsterdam
Swatched 1x $4.00 each

China Glaze Golden Enchantment BN
Mummy May I? Swatched 1x
and Mango Madness BN
$5.00 each

OPI Black Label and LE
Think It's Pink? Pastel (black label) swatched 1x
Mani Ways To Help (LE OPI <3 DKMS) swatched 1x
Desire (black label) swatched 1x
$6.00 each

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  1. Ok you've just been given a free day (tomorrow) to write something new. (Though you may want to change the polish on your nails. I hear there's anarchy and what you've got on there might cause a riot.) So write! I am so interested to find out which bottles I can take to Cash 4 Gold and get the pirate gold out of them. "Aargh matey." Damn it Mitzi, stop trying to take the keyboard away! I'm trying to type here. There, did that sound insane enough? :)