Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Inaugural Post!

Wednesday, April 25th 2012

Welcome to the Madhouse!

 **maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh**

So wow, if you are reading this, and you aren't just me editing it, you made it here! Who-rah! Someone made it here! Come closer so that I may hug you!

Anywho, this blog has been something I've wanted to do for quite sometime, but quite frankly just haven't been able to work up the guts to hit POST for the first time. So here I am, just another gal in a very crowded blogosphere, full of many, many talented nail polish bloggers. Where I fit into that, I'm not quite sure. But if I keep coming over here and staring at this thing for hours at a time I'm going to go cross-eyed. So lets do it :) I can't promise you something new and never before seen, nor will I be someone posting everyday...and sometimes perhaps it won't even be about polish, perhaps I'll just throw in a YOTD (yorkie of the day)! But, we'll have some fun, make fun of me a little, or a lot and just hang out.

Sound like a plan...

you there.
one person reading...

I'm going to start my actual post now :)

So this is why I wanted to start a blog. I work at a very large physician practice, the space we occupy used to be a supermarket (I'm not kidding). And everyone in this office has to wear khaki shirts and black pants. Yes, Boring to the MAX! And we're all little boring khaki clones of one another. So polish quickly became my ONLY way to personalize my outfit:) It started with a couple OPI, as I suspect many people started their collections. And then right around New Years, I discovered llarowe. Game over. Resistance is futile. And now my stash is somewhere around 4 months. ECK!!
Thats him. Thats the damn shirt.

So theres my background story, I guess I should stand up and state my name. Hello Friends, My Name is Emily and I am a polish-aholic.
I'm not in denial...but I've got no plans of stopping ;)

Till Tomorrow
<3 Em


  1. Love this Em, you go girl! YOTD and khaki clones...LOVE it!!!

  2. aww, that's cute. AND YES resistance is FUTILE when facing llarowe!!

  3. yay trunkit! gratz on the first post! cant wait to see dem nailz :)

  4. Ha, ha, ha! Welcome to the madness. Many of us started out just like you. I was a closet hoarder for many years, only my stash was in a couple of shoe boxes. Me & my shoe boxes finally came out of the closet last summer, but I didn't jump on the blogwagon until recently. Decided I just didn't want to sit on the sidelines anymore! Look forward to seeing your pretty nails, oh! And your YOTD too! :)

    Hi Emily! My name is Andrea and I'm a polish-aholic too! Look forward to some collaborative enabling! :)

  5. Hello Emily! Welcome to the group. The only 12 step program you'll go through here includes buying more polishes. Lol.. I'm glad you didn't come for a cure. lol..

    Looking forward to seeing your nails... and mani.
    Name is Lizzy.. and I'm "The Do It Yourself Lady". :-D

    *Now following ya*

  6. *waves* I came here via Trace Face Philes' Facebook, and I'm addicted to reading nail polish blogs and drooling over the pics... Closeted hoarder here! (proud closeted owner of 675 since 2011 :D) I look forward to reading your posts, good luck!:)

    1. Ps: make a Bloglovin' profile, pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?;)

  7. Ha I know what you mean! I really started to get into polish when I had to wear black pants and a white shirt everyday...I was dying to break out of the box! I look forward to your posts whenever you find time for them. My blog is the same way :)

    It is if you are interested.

  8. Hello! I came here via the Llarowe facebook page :)
    I recently moved house & while packing up my precious polishes I counted over 200 - so you've already passed my total! Look forward to seeing your nails :)

  9. Welcome! your stash grew very quickly! but yeah Llarowe will do that to you :D hehe

  10. Thanks for giving me some good justification... "but, honey, I got into nail polish right about when Emily did, and she has over 500 bottles of polish, and I've only got about 200... I'm not out of control... I'm not spending too much... if anything, I'm spending too little!"

    And yeah, I think I can trace the tipping point to discovering Llarowe, too.

  11. 500 in a few months??!! That...that's just GLORIOUS!! :'D *tears in my eyes*!
    Welcome to the blogoverse!! So glad that you could join us! I'm looking forward to your posts. :)

  12. Wow, I think we are kindred spirits, sounds just like me!! Good on you for starting!! I've been thinking of starting one for a while but just haven't found the courage to 'just do it' yet. Soon maybe...
    Can't wait to keep reading yours!!

  13. Lol... I hear everyone and can add my own tired of txting my friends new mani pics and decided to just start a blog and say the heck with it... Welcome to the Zoo!

  14. I am not a boring khaki clone! Im a crafty khaki clone and my nails are pretty too! (when I can snag a polish from u) :) love youuu!!! Congrats..Im super excited to follow your blog, bcuz seeing you 2 times a week doesnt satisy my needs! <3 cheers to being hoarders!!

  15. Emily, I'm so glad I found your blog! You're hilarious, I love the random doggie shots and who can't love hairy glitter shots? Welcome to the blogosphere!