Sunday, April 29, 2012

FEVERLacquer I Blame the Fireworks & A England Princess Tears

Prepare to blown away with hairy holo goodness!

Well hello there! Welcome back! How was your weekend?? Do anything fun and exciting? We went to a craft show on Saturday and bought a crap-ton of puppy biscuits and a left handed knife! Very exciting, I know :) And if you're asking if its safe for me to own my very own left handed knife...the answer is probably no. But this thing is genius! It can freakin' cut anything into microscopic slices without smashing it or anything (I watched the demo 356304 times). I eye it up every year at this craft show, and finally caved and bought it...and again, I'm sure I'm definitely going to cut off one of my precious fingers with it. And its sure going to suck to have one less nail :(

The Adirondack Bow Knife
Sweet! Right??? 

So that was my exciting weekend :)
Now onward with the polish talk! Today I have a combo featuring A England's current "Gem of the Month" Princess Tears. I can't say enough about A England polishes, I have the entire Legends Collection and over half of The Mythicals as well. Adina from A England is a rock star, she designs amazing polishes, in unique colors, that apply like butter (some are even ONE COATERS)! Princess Tears is a lilac holographic polish, with grey, almost charcoal duochromatic tones in it, making it not your average lavender or lilac holo. I should have taken pics of this polish on its own before applying the other half of the combo!!

The second half of the combo is a polish created by my good friend Casandra from FEVERLacquer and The Mani-Logues. One of my very favorite things about nail polish, (besides huffing it into the wee hours of the morning) is all the amazing ladies I've met and have come to befriend through polish. I have several of Cas' polishes and have been so impressed, when she told us her ideas on this new one I was super psyched! Now I never used to be a fan of bar...erm hairy (haha) glitter, but this polish has certainly changed my mind on that! I Blame The Fireworks is SWIMMING with hairy holos in a light lavender pigment so I thought it would play nicely with Princess Tears.

Without further adieu...

Artificial lighting for these.
Two coats of each polish,
plus one thick coat of Seche Vite

...and one last bonus blurred holo, super hairy pic for the cheap seats in the back:)

So what do you think? My photos just can't do this polish justice. I'll add some natural light pics to my facebook tomorrow, so you can really see the FIREWORKS!! This is what I get for blogging at 10pm :)

A England polishes can be purchased directly from their website or from one of their many stockists like llarowe. FEVERLacquer can be purchased through Cas' webstore which she will be restocking soon :) could try your luck and WIN a bottle of I Blame the Fireworks in my "A Few of My Favorite Things Giveaway"!! Details coming tonight!

Till Next Time,
<3, Em


  1. EEEEEEEEP! One of my FEVERlacquers over A England!?!?! I've died and gone to a happy place! Love these Trunkit! thankyyyyou!

  2. I LOVE Princess Tears! One of my favorite A-Englands. It looks AWESOME with Fireworks! What a cool look! Must.Get.Some.Now.

  3. I really didn't like bar glitter at all until I saw these swatches!!

  4. Yep! Amazing!!!! So glad this is mine. ;)