Monday, September 3, 2012

Polish for a Cause, A Silent Auction for a Dear Friend

Polish for a Cause:

A Silent Auction for a Polish Friend in Need

Hi friends. I know I've been absent all summer, and I'm so so sorry :( But I wanted to reach out you to first to say I'm coming back to blogging! And second to ask for your help with something very close to my heart. 
I have met some truely amazing woman through nail polish, as I'm sure many of you have as well. I am blessed to have met some ladies that have become more than just "polish friends" but real, true friends. Recently, one of those dear friends has been suffering from complications of a life long illness, Type 1 Diabetes. She is unable to work due to those complications, and without health insurance has incured a great deal of medical bills. She has been turned down for disability, and Medicare multiple times. And yet, she is still one of the sweetest, and most caring people I've ever "met".
So, together with an amazing group of people that have donated to this auction, I am asking for your help. I have 39 bottles of polish **UPDATE WE NOW HAVE 46 bottles**, some indies, some HTF, some international stuff, its a pretty good mix. I will be holding the auction starting tonight Monday, September 3rd, 2012 when this post is published, until Sunday, September 9th 2012 at 8pm eastern standard time. The auction is open to ALL bidders in the US and international. I will keep the identities of the bidders private, but I will update the current bids on the spreadsheet twice a day, at 11am and 11pm est. All bids must be emailed to All winners will be notified by email on Monday September 10th 2012, and are expected to send payment via PayPal within 24 hours of that email being sent.
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you in advance for your generosity and caring.
**UPDATE** More items still being added!! Please continue to check back!!
And thank you to Leah Ann LaRowe of Llarowe, Kim Snyder of Overall Beauty, Pam Heil of Girly Bits and Lynnderella for your generous donations to this most deserving cause.
<3, Em


  1. What a wonderful cause. I love to see the community pull together like this <3

  2. This is exactly what the community should be like. We should be looking after each other not squabbling over petty things!

    Love you :-) xx

  3. My words can't express what an amazing gesture this is. My heart and mind know but seriously, the words would become a novel.
    The nail polish peeps are the cream of the crop!

    I hope the auctions bring in some great funds for her.:)

  4. My heart goes out to your friend and understand about issues with disability. I am just going to toss this out there.. there are some good attorneys who will fight for her and get her the benefits she deserves. My Mom had to get one as she was turned down even though she was in a car accident so severe she needed spine surgery after being removed from the car. She is in pain every single day. They turned her down for not working long enough prior to her accident even though she was working when it happened. She got the attorney (which should never cost until it's all through and all benefits are started) it was the only way. So I felt I had to mention it. Do interviews to find someone she clicks. My mom went through one and then found another who she has a heart of gold.

    I hope your friend will get her benefits and I think what you are doing is so amazing. You are a true friend, things like this bring me to tears because we need more people like you in our world. You define the meaning of empathy, kindness and friendship.

  5. This is pure goodness. I wish her all the best, and I hope this helps her out a lot.